Experienced Civil and Family Mediators in Tampa, Florida


Our firm understands that a bad settlement is almost always better than a good day in court.   We are committed to helping you find practical solutions to your legal problems.


Areas of Mediation Practice:

Civil Mediation

Our civil mediators are licensed attorneys with both extensive legal experience and real world business experience.    

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family mediation

Our mediators have extensive experience in practicing family law, and can empower you to resolve your case.

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Our Facilities:

  • Four private, professionally appointed conference rooms
  • Free wifi
  • Free surface lot parking
  • Refreshment Center with a variety of beverages including coffee and snacks
  • Comfortable seating
  • 2 large flat screens available
  • Printing/faxing
  • Complimentary meals delivered for longer sesssions
  • Convenient location in the heart of Tampa (see map below)


Our Location:


We are conveniently located near downtown Tampa at:

600 N. Willow Ave, #101

Tampa, FL 33606


What we do:

Our mediators are attorneys who have focused their practice on mediation.   Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which a mediator acts as third party neutral who assists parties who are in a conflict to voluntarily reach a resolution.    The mediator acts as neutral, but through training, expertise and experience will help narrow the issues, help the parties consider potential settlement options, and help the parties reach a settlement that works for all parties.


Benefits of Mediation:

  • Avoid lengthy and costly litigation.

  • Parties are able to make their own decisions voluntarily, rather than having a decision dictated by a judge or arbitrator.

  • Elimination of risks of unfavorable trial outcomes.

  • Greater flexibility to identify creative and workable solutions than in a court of law, where judges may be constrained by laws and/or precedents.

  • Parties are able to focus on their own goals, needs and interests, rather than what the law might dictate.

  • Mediation is a more relaxed and less formal environment than going to court.

  • Save time compared to going to court.

  • Most mediations are confidential, and privacy is safeguarded.

  • Parties are able to write the terms of their own settlement agreements.

  • Much higher satisfaction and rates of compliance than people who go to court, according to the American Bar Association.


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