Estates and trusts disputes can be trying.    Let us help solve your dispute in a cost effective manner.

Our mediators offer a convenient, low cost alternative to trying your case in court.    Our mediators are fully licensed attorneys who are also Florida Supreme Court Certified in Circuit Civil Mediation.    Let us help guide you to a lower cost resolution to your dispute.

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Competitive pricing and convenience

Our mediators recognize the things that matter for both attorneys and clients in mediation:    Professional yet personal service, competitive pricing, as well as comfort and convenience.    Our facilities include multiple conference rooms, a refreshment center with an array of beverages and snacks, free wifi, free convenient parking.    Our location is near downtown and easily reached from I-275.


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AGreement drafting

Upon request, our skilled mediators can prepare settlement agreements with the assistance of parties and counsel.    You can leave our offices with a final agreement in hand.


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Estate planning disputes can be difficult

Mediations are confidential and voluntary.    Our trained mediators recognize the emotions at play, as well as the tremendous benefits available for all parties to reach a settlement.    Let us help find the right settlement for you.

Parties without counsel

We welcome parties who have declined counsel, and will be glad to assist in reaching a settlement.


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