Let our trained professionals empower you to settle your case.

We can bring multiple parties together to voluntarily reach agreements, at a much lower cost than traditional litigation.    


Mediation is confidential and voluntary

Our third party Mediators, who are both licensed attorneys, as well Supreme Court Certified in Circuit Civil Mediation, will listen to your problems, and assist you in coming up with creative, low-cost solutions.    We understand the importance of settling and avoiding the costs of litigation.


Easy online scheduling

Our facilities are conveniently located near downtown.    We offer multiple conference rooms, along with snacks and refreshments, to make your mediation experience go smoothly.     Comfort matters.


Click here to check availability and schedule your mediation with us online.


Photo by imaginima/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by imaginima/iStock / Getty Images

Complimentary wifi

While at our office, we offer free, convenient parking in surface lot, free snacks and refreshments, free wifi and complimentary house lunch delivered for longer sessions.   As attorneys, we recognize the importance of comfort and convenience for both attorneys and clients.